Too many devices? Not enough bandwidth?

Due to the current situation, we're ordering take-out, groceries, and supplies online, while conducting business and holding virtual meetings. Our kids are participating in school lessons in virtual classrooms, the TV is streaming news in the background and don't forget the teenager in the backroom gaming online with friends.

This added draw on your internet resources can leave you unable to access the data and information you need while working or learning.


- Outdated network, switches, cables or router

- Compromised wiring due to rodent damage

- Trouble where your network ends and the internet begins

- Outdated computers and software

- Viruses or Malware on devices - Hacking attempt

If you're experiencing a slow network now is the time to troubleshoot the issue. Prolonging diagnostic testing can result in hardware failing, a virus or malware infection, or a hacker gaining access to private information.

Life's hard right now, having a reliable home network with fast, reliable speeds will help make sheltering in a bit easier.

Contact our Network specialists to diagnose and get that data blazing.

Call Justin Linnville at 503-883-7038 or send an email

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We all love smart products and the ease and flexibility they bring to our lives. Here at A & E Technology and Communications we love these new smart devices, but we're not fond of all the different apps cluttering up our mobile devices. When we set-up this new Smart Tasting Room system, I was amazed that everything worked seamlessly and eliminated the need for multiple apps.

These systems are great for more than just tasting rooms, they would be ideal for conference rooms, bars, waiting rooms, and residential homes. The possibilities are endless!

Simple voice commands can perform a variety of tasks:

"Open the tasting room" The lights turn on, thermostats adjust, window shades open and the music begins playing.

"Close the tasting room" Lights turn off, thermostats adjust, shades close, music stops, doors lock and the alarm arms the premises.

Address one device or many. The choice is yours.

Connecting voice service to automation devices allows you to manage your smart tasting room with voice commands freeing up your staff to concentrate on guests and pouring.

Stop by and see our new Smart Conference Room and explore the convenience that voice command automation can bring to your space.

Drop me an email to schedule a time.


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We all remember this television commercial that originally aired back in 1989 and was revamped in the mid - 1990's

A lot has changed since the original Life Call medical alert unit was first introduced. Gone are the hardwired land line telephones, the bulky call pendants and the inability to use the service outside of the home.

Fast forward 29 years, instead of land lines we’re using cell phones and voice over internet as our primary way to communicate. Gone are the days of waiting at home for a telephone call. As technology has changed, the medical alert industry has struggled with how to provide service for those individuals who are active and not housebound.

With the introduction of smart phones and watches, developers began exploring the possibility of incorporating a medical alert device that works with cell and GPS location services. The first prototypes were clunky, large pendants that resembled an actual cell phone. Coverage and pinpointing location were problematic in the inception phase. As

technology and location services grew, the medical alert industry developed stronger protocols for their devices.

As a result of this growth, we are excited to introduce the newest Medical Alert and Smart Phone device to our customer base. The Reemo Samsung Medical Alert and Smart Watch provides help at the push of a button even while out shopping, walking the dog or on vacation. Users can monitor their heart rate, keep track of their steps (just like a pedometer) and receive health alerts via the Reemo mobile health platform. Caregivers and family members can observe location and view health alerts additionally on the health platform if they choose.

This Medical Alert and Smart Watch is sleek and stylish and operates as a standard digital watch when the medical alert function is not needed. Rest assured when it’s needed, a swipe across the face of the watch connects you to a live operator that will communicate with you via two-way voice and deploy emergency personal when you need it.

Stop by our showroom to see this SMART watch, or give us a call at 503-883-4139 and we’ll come to you and show you how it works. Enjoy the freedom, security and mobility it offers and rest assured help is there if you need it.

Shop the Samsung Reemo Medical Alert and Smart Watch

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