UltraSync Alarm System Package

The affordable, wireless and expandable Home Security System that you control from anywhere.

Your Property.

Your way.

Ideal for modern families and small businesses, the UltraSync brings smart, cost-effective security into your property and at your fingertips. UltraSync Smart App lets you arm and disarm your alarm system and receive alarm notifications with just on tap. The UltraSync alarm kit has everything you need to begin securing your property.


With expandable capabilities and accessories, you can add additional motion detectors, door and window sensors or upgrade to automation and camera streaming. UltraSync brings lifestyle management into your property and at your fingertips. Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so that your property responds to your unique schedule.


- Installation

- Base Unit

- Internet Monitoring with Cellular Backup

- 3 Door and/or Window Sensors

- 1 Pet Friendly Motion Sensor

- 2 Window Stickers

- 1 Yard Sign

- Smartphone/tablet app for iOS® and Android®

*36 month monitoring contract

Monitoring $27.95 per month*

UltraSync Add-On Devices

(Sold Separately)

Hub Controllers

Manage all devices from one unit

Wireless Cameras

Indoor and Outdoor


Thermostats, Lighting, Appliances



Home Automation Hub and Accessories

Affordable and expandable Home Automation Hub that you control from anywhere.

Home Automation Hub Only

Accessories Sold Separately

 smart home with no alarm required

Not quite ready for an alarm system but love home automation? Easily control doors, lighting, thermostats, water sensors, and garage doors easily from any smart phone. Create customized alerts to always know what’s going on at home.


The command center is a standalone home automation hub. It enables communication between home automation end-point devices and the cloud service via a cellular or Ethernet network.


A user is able to remotely control functions on the Hub and its associated Interactive Services (including Z-Wave devices) via a web application or mobile app.

Easily upgrade to a full alarm and camera system should the need arise.

Automation Add-On Devices

Order Now!

Interactive Controller App

$15.95 per month.

(Sold Separately)

Heating and Cooling Control

Lighting and Appliance Control

Indoor and Outdoor

Lock Control

Smart Phone Systems

The affordable and expandable

Panasonic SIP Phones

Introducing a phone with built-in Video Conferencing

The Panasonic SIP Video Communications desk-phone is changing the business communication environment. It supports face to face video communications from the comfort of your office and it provides users with a new and efficient way to communicate with customers, colleagues and business partners.

Video conferencing also improves business productivity as staff can communicate with customers or colleagues situated in different locations without having to physically travel there. Employees can also work remotely and time previously spent traveling can be directed towards actual work.

Panasonic has designed this SIP video phone to improve productivity and provide a richer and more personal way to interact with others. This handset boasts a range of useful communications features that are designed to provide users with both voice and video communication options.

Key Features:

Color Touch Panel LCD - A color LCD touch panel makes video images crisp and clear, and encourages simple and intuitive operation.

Linking IP Cameras - By linking with an IP camera you can visually monitor on-site environments such as your factory or sales floor without leaving your desk.

Seamless Video Conferencing - The built-in video camera allows face-to-face conversation via the phone’s color LCD screen. 3-way video conferencing capability enables remote and increasingly flexible business meetings.

Easy Expansion - The optional Expansion Module allows you to easily add up to 40 flexible function keys.

Built-In Bluetooth - A wireless headset can be used to enable a smooth and seamless response to incoming calls.

HD Sound - HD sound with wideband audio including acoustic echo cancellation.

Multiple FN Keys - A wireless headset can be used to enable a smooth and seamless response to incoming calls.

Ergonomic Design - The handset features concave button keys and the phone can be tilted to 30º or 45º.


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