The Smart Tasting Room

We all love smart products and the ease and flexibility they bring to our lives. Here at A & E Technology and Communications we love these new smart devices, but we're not fond of all the different apps cluttering up our mobile devices. When we set-up this new Smart Tasting Room system, I was amazed that everything worked seamlessly and eliminated the need for multiple apps.

These systems are great for more than just tasting rooms, they would be ideal for conference rooms, bars, waiting rooms, and residential homes. The possibilities are endless!

Simple voice commands can perform a variety of tasks:

"Open the tasting room" The lights turn on, thermostats adjust, window shades open and the music begins playing.

"Close the tasting room" Lights turn off, thermostats adjust, shades close, music stops, doors lock and the alarm arms the premises.

Address one device or many. The choice is yours.

Connecting voice service to automation devices allows you to manage your smart tasting room with voice commands freeing up your staff to concentrate on guests and pouring.

Stop by and see our new Smart Conference Room and explore the convenience that voice command automation can bring to your space.

Drop me an email to schedule a time.


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